What information do you use when I visit your site?

First, we understand that visitors to our sites may have concerns about their privacy. We are just like you and we use the same technology that you do in our daily lives. We are also charged with the responsibility to protect any information you provide to us and work hard to make sure that any conversation between your computer and ours is secure. That being said, we will store and monitor information when you use one of our applications. We do this for marketing purposes as well as for technical reasons such as monitoring performance, looking for potential problems, etc. so we can be sure to deliver all visitors a positive and secure experience.

Do you display paid advertisements from third party Ad networks?

No. And at this point we probably never will. 3rd-party ad systems are used to generate revenue for the sites that they are hosted on. We don't want any part of that. So, with regard to Ads, ActNow Promotions and our premier race event registration website ActNowRacing.com, will not display 3rd party Ads--like those from Google's AdWords, Yahoo!, Bing, or Amazon Product ads. You know these ads when you see them because these are usually the same ads you see when you visit other sites--they seem to follow you wherever you go. Technically this is called "retargeting" and they use information stored on your device's browser to tell other websites you visit where you have been and what you have been looking at. Although we display Ads, these are ads for products and services we provide or market for and are internal to our company. Your information stays with us!

Our exclusive internal Ad system is designed to help our Race Directors promote their events to you while you visit one of our sites--or read our email and newsletters. We may even distribute those ads to other business partners to display on their website--but be assured, your personal details stay with us. The demographic data we collect can only be used by Act Now. The Ads that we show you are "our" ads, not someone else's. Everything we do is in effort to promote racing events that we time and products that WE sell.

Do you use Cookies or store/track personal information?

Yes. Another area of privacy concern are the use of "cookies" and data that is stored on your device when visiting a website. Cookies (and other storage mechanisms of your browser) are utilized by us when you visit our site. We utilize analytic data that helps us know what devices our visitors are using, the browser technology, and who referred you to our site. Again, this information is only used internally to understand the "who" and the "what" of our business and this information is never shared with other parties or websites--even other businesses that we are affiliated with.

The information that we gather changes from time to time, but our purpose and goals remain the same: to help improve your experience while you visit our website or use one of our web applications. The important thing to keep in mind while using any of our services is that your personal information--other than what you are required to provide during the Event Registration--will be kept between you and Act Now.

As an example of what we collect and store during your visit with us are anonymous information about what pages are viewed, for how long, and what transactions may have resulted from your visit. We DO NOT associate your visit with you personally--that is we just know that you came to our site, looked at this, and bought that. We summarize that data and your browser's storage is used to help customize your experience when visiting our website. We will also show special offers, promotions for upcoming events or even products we sell or services we provide. This information doesn't leave our company.

So are Ad and Cookie blocking tools useful?

You bet. I use them. I especially use them for those sites that have nothing but Ad content or those annoying pop-ups that show up as you start to read the article on the page. But for sites that I visit regularly and trust I will use the tool's whitelisting feature to exclude them from being blocked.

How will using tools like AdBlock or AdBlock Plus affect me when I visit your site?

Its hard to say. Because there are so many different tools and techniques to help insure your privacy there isn't any way to predict what will happen. As we add new features or make changes to the technology we use, there isn't a good way to support all of the possibilities. Our priority is to provide trusted, relevant content for our customers and the users of our web services. Its just not practical to consider all of the possible scenarios that are out there. If you experience any problems that we can't reproduce with a common, up to date device and browser without all of the plugins then we probably won't be able to assist you.

And considering that most of our content on our sites are geared toward marketing and promotions, you may be missing out on something. Our newsletters have opt-out options that we honor and the only other information we store is for our own use to insure your purchase or registration are completed successfully.

What if I am having problems viewing content on your site?

Our standard response will be (1) make sure that you are using the most recent version of your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer/Edge, etc.) and then (2) disable any plugins or add-ons that you have installed or enabled in your browser. If you find that your experience with us is affected by an ad blocker or similar tool you could use that tool's whitelisting feature to disable it for our site.

Also note that there may be other anti-virus/anti-malware applications that you subscribe to for protecting your computer or mobile device that may also include security and privacy protection. Again, hopefully you trust us enough to exclude our site from blocking any information we collect or display to your browser but we also understand if you are unable to do so. We make every effort to test our designs to work on the common devices that are available at the moment.  Drop us a note and we will try to assist you the best way we know how.