Please use this link to our contact form if you have questions about Act Now Sign Up!, the service we provide for getting your customers registered for your events.

If you have questions about a specific event, its registration or the business sponsoring an event, please use the Contact Form provided on the Event and Business page. We cannot answer questions or provide technical support for specific events published on our platform.

If you have questions or concerns about data that you have submitted on, either directly to us, or to one of our customers you should first contact the business or organization. However, if you feel something is not correct or wish to report abuse or misuse of our systems, let us know!

Did you have quesitons about a credit card authorization for ActNow SIgnUp!?

Our customer's event registration and payment processing is handled through, securely and privately. We DO NOT store credit card or payment information on our website or internal systems. If you received a credit card charge labeled with our brand, "ActNow SignUp!" then your card was used to register for any number of events that we have hosted. We can track down the transaction to help remind you what the charge was for.