With over ten years of managing our own private registration system for ActNowRacing.com, Act Now Promotions introduces our custom Event Registration solution, Act Now SignUp!

We have had customers ask to list their non-race-related events on our website because of the exposure and success they experienced with our Race registration service, but it just wasn't a good fit and we thought it would confuse those coming to us to register for our events.

With the same features, privacy and security built into our other web solutions, Act Now built this platform to provide our customers with a quick and easy way of getting their event registrations online. For free or paid registrations, we take care of the data collection, payment processing and reporting so they can focus on their customers first.

This doesn't replace a client's existing website, but provides for customized data forms, branding, and communications. Utilizing the actnowsignup.com infrastructure, we help to insure that the transactional emails generated from the Event Registration process get to their destination while securing their customer data and keeping their information private between their business and their client.

We utilize a limited number of analytical services to provide our customers with reports and real-time analysis of their event registration process--but we keep that information on our internal systems, securely and do not share that data with any other 3rd party.